All About Pest Control

All About Pest Control

The best pest control is to nip it in bud! Control the infestation as early and fast as possible to eliminate the pest invasion on the plant. Monitor your plant once a week at the very least. Everyday is optimum. Watch out for early signs of white cottony dots (mealy bugs) and hard black spots (scale) in between stems and under leaves. 

These pest will suck out all the nutrients from your plant. If left untreated, it will consume your whole plant and eventually will die a slow death.The best part is, it can infest your other plants in your home so best to manage ASAP! 

Why is my plant infested?

In Malaysia, we do not have green houses. As such, plant growers grow plants out in the open which is an invitation for all sorts of pest to come and hide and live in. There is not much we can do but to keep it under control. It is quite simple to do. 

Based on my observation, indoor plants are highly likely to be infested due to:

  • lack of heat from sunlight/outdoors
  • higher humidity levels indoors
  • lack of fresh air flow (windows are always closed)
  • air-conditioning on all the time
  • zero rain – leaves are not washed every now and then (I shower my plants once in a while)
  • plant has lowered immune system due to lack of supplemental nutrients AKA fertiliser

What we are doing is; we are bringing the outdoors in. Plants naturally grow outdoors in fresh air, full sun and roots in the ground to take up all the nutrients they need. They are simply self-sufficient.

When we are taking the plant out of it’s natural environment, we need to emulate their natural environment as best we can 🙂

Mild Infestation

If there is even 1 pest, spray plant with pest control to eliminate the infestation entirely. Monitor closely in months to come. Fertilise with fertiliser to boost plant immune system to fight off the invasion.

Yes, plants have the ability to fight off a pest infestation. Healthy plants are more likely to be successful to ward off pest naturally. When in a pot and in our home, they need our help to fertilise, water and placed in a bright spot to keep the plant happy and healthy 🙂

Severe Infestation

Spray everyday for 3-4 days in a row. Wipe away scale and mealy bugs with wet cloth. Splash plant with water to neutralise the spray because baby leaves may wilt as the spray may be too harsh. Spray at stem and top of soil. 

Personally, I have tried many many kinds of pest control sprays and methods. And usually I find that none of the pest control products are any good. Most failed to control the infestation or it is chemical based. I  prefer non-chemical, organic compounds with mineral oils to safely control an infestation as I have pets at home and also use pest control on edible plants. 

Mr. Ganic Neem Oil and Scale Terminator is highly recommended. Available for purchase here

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