What to expect when you receive your plant

What to expect when you receive your plant

After much browsing, visualising, choosing and deciding on which plant to furnish your indoor urban jungle for your home, you went plant shopping on daun.com.my. Yay!

The next question is, what can you expect when your plants have been delivered?

Firstly, let us explain our plant order process.

When we receive your order, we will take a few days to get your pot and plant ready. For delivery duration and information, please click here

  1. We will pick the best and healthiest plant for you.
  2. We will then obtain pot and colour of your choice. All our pots comes with drainage hole and a saucer.
  3. Plants will be carefully repotted in the pot of your choice to ensure roots are not damaged.
  4. Add pebbles to cover soil.
  5. Water newly potted plant.
  6. Ready for delivery!

Once your plant has been repotted, it will go through something called “repotting shock”.

What is repotting shock?

Repotting shock is a term we use for when your plant has just been repotted and is now adjusting to its new pot and environment. This shock is due to handling/ moving or a change within it’s roots because the plant had been uprooted from it’s existing pot and planted into a new pot. Basically, your plant will be in shock because the earth has moved under it’s roots!

Most plants will overcome repotting shock and will bounce back almost immediately because it has been furnished with fresh fertile organic soil. All it needs is some monitoring and care during this period for it to adjust to it’s new environment in the soil, as well as in your new home.

Symptoms of repotting shock:

  • yellowing leaves and plant looking dull.
  • limp and wilting leaves.
  • a few baby leaves will die.
  • a few mature leaves will yellow and die.
  • a few leaves will fall off.

These symptoms are perfectly normal after repotting. It is just going through a shock in the plant’s root system. Other contributing factors of shock are changes in exposure to sunlight intensity, temperature and the level of humidity in your home. Do not be alarmed; there is nothing to worry about. Your plant will overcome repotting shock within a few days; some as long as a month depending on the size of plant. The most crucial time is the first week.

What can I do for my plant to help it adjust to my home?


During this period, ensure your plant has ample bright indirect sunlight. The best placement is by a bright window or by a bright balcony. For more info on Measuring Sunlight intensity suitable for your plant in your home, please click here

Even if you are planning to place the plant in a shadier spot, ensure that the plant is located by the window/balcony for the first week or two. This will help it to recuperate from repotting shock better. Gradually move your plant to your preferred shadier spot. You can move it to a shadier spot when your plant has recuperated.


Ensure that your plant has enough water. Use your fingers to touch the soil under the pebbles to check if soil is moist or dry. You can also insert a satay stick in the soil. If stick is moist, hold back on water. If stick is dry, give it some water.


Pay attention and monitor your plant everyday. After a month, your new plant should fully overcome the shock. By then, you will be able to know your plant’s watering schedule, and sunlight preference better.

You can refer to my previous blog post “Plant Newbie: Plant 101” for basic plant care instructions.

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