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Philodendron Red Congo

This plant has several cultivars developed over time. This one is called Philodendron Congo, with red stem hence ‘Red Congo’. This plant is adaptable to most environments but it is known to be an ‘warm weather’ plant. It does not need much light and dislikes direct sunlight as it will cause leaves to sunburn. Philodendron Red Congo is a beautiful houseplant to own. Rotate her periodically to ensure her leaves grow outward evenly as leaves tend to grow towards the sunlight.

Diameter of pot: 30cm

Height of plant and pot: 3-4 feet



Out of stock

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Light: MEDIUM (250-1000FC) – Keep out of direct sunlight. Read more about sunlight requirement here

Water: Water moderately. Keep soil moist. Do not let soil dry out completely. Read more about water requirement here

Pet Friendly? No. Toxic to pets and small children.

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