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Dracaena Medusa

To us, Dracaena Medusa (Dracaena Reflexa Longifolia) is the most delicate and bushy looking. It has long and soft cascading green leaves and can thrive in low light conditions making it suitable as an indoor statement plant. This plant is very rare and hard to find and is available while stocks last. It comes with white pot, black metal stand and white saucer.

Diameter of pot: 30cm
Height of plant and pot: 5-6 feet



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Product Description


Light: MEDIUM (250-1000FC) – Keep out of direct sunlight. Read more about sunlight requirement here

Water: Water moderately. Keep soil moist. Do not let soil dry out completely. Read more about water requirement here

Pet Friendly? No. Toxic to pets and small children.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg

White Ceramic, Square Cement


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