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Yates Thrive Plant Food

Yates Thrive All Purpose Concentrate is a complete liquid plant food, suitable for all types of plants. It provides balanced feeding to promote stronger, healthier growth and greener foliage. Thrive is a dual action formula that feeds through both leaves and roots, as you water. It works quickly – so you see results sooner. Recommended to be applied on potted plants once every 3 weeks. Dilute one bottle cap or 30ml in 9L of water.


  • Enriched with Potassium for healthier growth and greener foliage.
  • Fast, dual action formulation feeds through roots and leaves.
  • Specifically formulated for all types of plants.
  • Makes up to 150L of plant food.


Nitrogen 12.4%; Phosphorous 2.7%; Potassium 6.2%; plus Trace Elements

How it Works

Once dissolved in water, the nutrients present may be absorbed by either the roots or foliage

Directions for use

Always shake bottle and dilute product into water before use.

Note: 1 capful = 30 mL

Liquid fertilisers are absorbed by both leaves and roots, so water over entire plant where possible.


If applying to foliage, do not apply when temperatures are expected to reach over 30°C. Avoid applying when the soil is dry and the plants are suffering from moisture stress.



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