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Microgreens are basically tiny and delicate little mini veggies that packs a nutritional punch on top of adding colour to your dish! It comes in various selection of leaves shape, texture and colours. Even though it is tiny, it has strong flavours such as spicy, sweet or earthy greens.

Studies have indicated that microgreens have greater nutritional value with levels 5 times higher in nutrients and vitamin C,K,E. than full grown vegetables. We like to call it, “Super Fast Food”.

If you have no knowledge of growing veggies, have limited space and time, it is the answer to your ‘gardening’ prayers. It requires little space and indirect sunlight to grow which is perfect for growing your own superfood even in an apartment. Just ensure that soil is moist at all times by spraying twice daily.

Harvesting time varies from 5-14 days weeks depending on the type of from seed germination to harvest. Microgreens are ready to harvest once leaves have fully grown and expanded.

Harvest by cutting using a very sharp knife or scissors just above the soil, without the roots attached.

Please wash harvested shoots thoroughly with veggie wash before consumption. Best to harvest right before consumption. Perfect as a garnish your favourite dish such as eggs, toast, soup, or pasta for a nutritional diet grown in your own home.

What you get

1x microgreen box, 30g seed of your choice, already planted. You will get a chance to watch it grow for a few days before harvesting. Date of harvest will be indicated on the box




Product Description

Seed Storage

Place seeds in zip lock bag and keep refrigerated.

Harvest Storage

Do not wash after harvesting. Keep refrigerated in zip lock bag. Wash microgreens with veggie wash only when ready for consumption. Lifespan after harvest in refrigerator is approximately 7 days.

Size: 315MM (L) x 240MM (W) x 85MM (H)

Additional information


Radish, Pea Shoot, Sunflower, Kale, Red Amaranth


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