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Calathea White Star

Compared to other calatheas, The White Star is an attractive plant that has white stripe markings on green leaves. It is a lovely 2 coloured foliage that will grow approximately 1-2 feet. They love warmth and good ventilation.

The White Star calathea plant also raises and closes its leaves at night and opens them again in the daylight. This movement is known as nyctinasty, caused by changes in water pressure at the leaf base to capture every ray of sunlight the can get on the forest floor.

Diameter of pot: 30cm

Height of plant and pot: 3-4 feet



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Product Description


Light: MEDIUM (250-1000FC) – Keep out of direct sunlight. Read more about sunlight requirement here

Water: Water moderately. Keep soil moist. Do not let soil dry out completely. Read more about water requirement here

Pet Friendly? No. Toxic to pets and small children.

5 Calathea Plant Tips

  • Crispy brown leaf edges usually means lack of humidity. Mist your plant with spray bottle.
  • Curling leaves is a usual indication of lack of water or inconsistent watering. Water frequency and consistently. Keep soil moist.
  • Droopy, limp or rotten leaves usually means over watering.
  • Faded colour on leaves is an indication of too much sun. Move plant out of direct sun or too close to the window.
  • Mold and pest infestation on plant may indicate lack of ventilation. Keep a window open during the day for some fresh air to circulate.

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