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Plant List

Please identify your plant and click on its name to view their care instructions.


Why are the leaves wilted and weaken?

This may be an indication that your plant lacks water or a case of overwatering. Check the soil to see if it is dry or wet. If dry: give it a shower and see if your plant perks up again. Usually if this is the case, the plant will perk up within half an hour after being watered. Maintain a consistent schedule of watering based on your observation. If it is wet, withhold watering, water less than usual and keep an eye on the plant.

My plant has yellowed leaves

If your plant has just been repotted or recently arrived to its new home, this could be natural. Plants get mildly stressed too just like us humans. Give some time for your plant to adjust to its new environment. If the plant has been with you for some time and continues to turn yellow, it may be signalling a neglect. Refer to the care instructions given when you received our plants and follow thoroughly. It just needs a little extra attention.

My plant is having a sunburnt effect

If your plant’s leaves are giving out the brown spot and feeling crispy, it could be the sun or over-fertilising. Try removing your plant away from the direct sunlight or draw up the curtain during mid-day when the sun is harsh. If you have recently fertilised your plant, run it under water to rinse it off the excess fertiliser. Either way, give your plant some time to recover.

My plant is leaning

This is considered quite normal as plants move with the light. It is also an indication that your plant probably does not get enough light and it is reaching towards the sun. Try moving your plant closer to sunlight, and try rotating your plant every time you water it.

My plant is tilting or has a smell

If your plant is tilting and you’ve been having the plant for some time, it could be signalling a root issue. If your plant is giving out a smell, it definitely means trouble. A foul odor usually is a signal of root rot. Overwatering for a period of time can lead to rotting of the plant or its root. If this happens, transplant it to a new pot and change or add fresh well-drained soil. Wait for the plant to bounce back, ensure that the soil does not dry out during the recovery but do not overwater!

There is a white crust forming around the inside of my pot

Don’t worry – this is just from mineral build up that occurs over time, or from over fertilization. Put the pot under water for some time to rinse it clean. You may need to run the water over the pot for a substantial length of time, depending on the level of buildup.

How do I get rid of pests without spending so much?

Fortunately, other than ready products on the shelf, you may also want to try some natural remedies. Apply these home concoctions using a spray bottle. Do it in the evening, during cloudy days or when the sunlight isn’t too harsh to avoid the leaves being burnt by the afternoon sun.

Garlic/Onion: Save garlic/onion peels including the skin, in an airtight sealed bag in the refrigerator. Once you have at least a cupful, steep them in warm water for a week in a 1-litre pail. Remove the peels from the water before filling your spray bottle up. This liquid is a great anti-pest spray as bugs don’t like the pungent smell. If you want it easier, you may also bury those peels into the soil around the base of the plant to repel pests.

White Vinegar: Mix a cup of vinegar with 3.70 litre of water. This solution would help to get rid of aphids and insects.

Egg Shells: Place small pieces of crushed egg shells around the plant to get rid of slugs and snails. The egg shells also add calcium to the soil.