Daun Christmas Wishlist

Daun Christmas Wishlist

Hannah is our No.1 fan, writer, Zumba enthusiast and she also makes our Batik pots. Hannah’s provided us with some Daun-inspired holiday gifts for the season. Check it out below.

[clockwise from top left]

  1. Everyone loves a bit of Nala! Inspired by Asian culture & heritage, this cushion is a standout! Get it for RM89.50.
  2. This leaf print swimsuit is coming to Bali with me. Get it for RM169.00.
  3. What better way to celebrate our sunny Christmas than in this Love Bonito dress. Fastest online delivery I’ve ever received for RM159.90
  4. Where has this Cactrash Bin been all my life? Perfect for Secret Santa. Get it for RM119.90.
  5. I’m on a mission to buy all Nala bags. This is the only bag you need and I’m obsessed! Lucky for you, it’s now on sale for RM288.50.
  6. Get this cap for your brother, hubby, bf or yourself for RM89.90.
  7. You can always find me in a jumpsuit on Christmas mornings, comfortable enough to rummage through all the presents! Get this one for RM279.00.
  8. Just the cutest stocking filler. Get this mini jewellery box for RM20.30.
  9. This may not fit in your Xmas stocking but this floor mat will bring all sorts of tropical vibes to your home. Get it at Kaison for RM15.00.

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