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How to Measure Light for Houseplants

Let me start by saying that it is challenging to asses proper lighting for our plants! Different people perceive ‘bright indirect’ in so many ways. What you think as ‘bright’ might not be the same brightness we have in mind when it comes to where the plant should be placed. Will the plant be happy at the spot you have chosen? One of our job requirement is to make sure the right space for the right plant. Trust me, it goes a long way! Nature, meet Technology Good things can come in free packages. We have identified two free apps on...

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Care Instructions

Please identify your plant and click on its name to view their care instructions. This may be an indication that your plant lacks water or a case of overwatering. Check the soil to see if it is dry or wet. If dry: give it a shower and see if your plant perks up again. Usually if this is the case, the plant will perk up within half an hour after being watered. Maintain a consistent schedule of watering based on your observation. If it is wet, withhold watering, water less than usual and keep an eye on the plant. If your...